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Introducing     Cheryl & Joe              

The   Location  Wylam Brewery (And that’s a long story) 

             Consultancy and On The Day Co-ordination 



Where do we begin.... once upon a time two singletons started talking online, their chatting turned to a little more.... Cheryl jokingly invited Joe over for a drink! Nothing out of the ordinary so far until we explain, Joe is in the UK and Cheryl well she was living in Kula Lumpa at this point - Joe jumped on a plane travelled halfway around the world and now their Mr & Mrs! How cool is that! 


Fun, wacky, totally unique that is how we would describe this super cool couple. The logistics (oh the logistics) Cheryl a Canadian, and Joe a native northerner, both have travelled and worked around the globe and wanted to find a non-traditional venue. Found it! cried Joe super excited, until the venue pulled the plug after a few months into the planning - something totally unforeseen. So together we sourced the ultimately fresh, trendy and perfect venue Wylam Brewery. 


Each meeting had to be carefully co-ordinated with the couple’s busy schedules, add in the element they live out of the UK. Family flights booked, a barrage of super cool and stylish suppliers secured cue the big day. "Instagramable" "Pinterest whooo whooo" just a few of the words used by the guests to describe the styling and the atmosphere -   



We'd simply say, "Typically Cheryl and Joe" with a lot of know-how by us.



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