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When beautiful souls ~ write beautiful words

Image by Vadim Paripa

Have you ever tried to find a needle in a haystack?
When we placed four magic words into google we found gold..North East Wedding Planners, and the heartfelt planner named Donna. From the minute we received Donna's reply email in our inbox we knew we had to meet her, and after a good old conversation, we knew she was the one. What can we say apart from Donna is a walking talking encyclopedia of how to plan the perfect outdoor wedding, she gets it, and more than that she got us! 

From day one Donna oozed confidence, offered clarity when selecting suppliers and was so transparent with communication, her passion for planning nothing short of infectious, somehow she was always three steps ahead and pre-empted any questions we had during the planning process. Donna understood our need for a non-disclosure agreement and subsequently ensured all our suppliers fully understood the need too..In the run-up to our wedding day Donna provided a detailed schedule, I mean it even identified where the power supplies needed to be, an ariel image of the land highlighting access and egress information, drainage and underground works, and randomly where the security teams needed to be located, honestly the detail Donna included is mind-blowing. What amazed us more is the relationships she has with suppliers, and the respect and confidence they have in her.

Wedding day, I received a text 'Ola see you soon' from Donna, the woman is incredible, whilst juggling caterers, entertainers etc she took the time to message and reassure me. Donna removed all the stress of organising an outdoor wedding and enabled us to enjoy our day. Donna places so much emphasis on not only the couple's requirement but also on what she calls the guest experience too.

Two of my bridesmaids have now secured Donna for their weddings next year. Everyone needs a Donna for their wedding.

André  x

Donna, Thank you thank you thank you for everything you did for our wedding day. We can’t put into words how valuable Donna's insight and guidance was throughout, not only on the day itself but most especially in those last few stressful weeks of planning.

Trying to organise a wedding 400 miles away + covid was a lot more anxiety-inducing than we expected but we are SO glad we found Donna to help! I can still remember the feeling of the weight being lifted from my shoulders after we met at the venue and walked through the space with Donna. Her attention to detail and vision are a real gift. We knew we had struck gold when on the day Donna preempted the needs of a number of our guests who had various personal requirements to ensure that they - and we - were able to enjoy every moment free from worry.

Our day simply wouldn’t have been possible without Donna there to ensure that the day ran so smoothly, and to reassure us that everything was in hand. After a dire couple of years, we were so in need of a proper party with our loved ones and we truly couldn’t have wished for a more perfect day – Donna even got the sun to come out!

We would recommend Donna to anyone thinking about hiring a wedding planner - trust us, you will be so grateful you did!


Image by Hannah Busing

The epitome of understated yet exceptional talent, ability, experience and empathy. Don’t let her relaxed and relatable persona allow you to underestimate her diligence and dedication to creating the day you dream of. Donna has a unique creative capability to magic your everything, from almost nothing, her saying is "Field to FABULOUS'.

What appears as a simple something to you becomes a masterclass in a sophisticated styling backdrop to the day of your wildest dreams. When off-site, her communication and organisation at every stage provide reassurance that she is as invested in your day as you are. When on-site, her attention to detail and ability to see and sort things before they’ve even happened means you get to experience everything you planned for to perfection.

From suppliers to guests, everyone is at ease within Donna’s aura as her calm gentle sense of assured confidence built on decades of doing the work tells you you’re in capable, caring hands.
All you need to do is dare to dream, let Donna do the rest ❤️

Catherine x

After meeting with three other planners, Donna from North East Wedding Planners was a breath of fresh air! Donna was the only planner who listen to our crazy ideas and immediately offered even wilder unconventional options. Her passion, creativity, and level of communication exceptional, as a same-sex couple, we wanted it all including the pink flamingos. 

The success of our wedding was completely down to Donna and her incredible team, and her insatiable talent for securing like-minded passionately creative suppliers, who understood the vision and ran with it OMG!

I’m already thinking of how we can incorporate Donna into our lives again, maybe with an anniversary celebration once a year. If you are planning a wedding forget Instagram or Pinterest, the first name on your must have list is Donna. 

Jack x 


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