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Wedding planning by north east wedding planners


Working with reliable and experienced suppliers

means we can deliver a stress free and exceptional event.

Planning a wedding should be exciting, and fun, we understand for many couples balancing professional careers, family life and planning a wedding is difficult, frustrating and stressful. Our Consultancy Service is designed to assist couples who require both a little or a lot of support at any stage of the planning process.  

We consult with you to fully understand and immerse ourselves in your vision. Or if you’re not sure which creative direction to go in, we delve deep to unleash it. We are experts at reading between the lines, teasing out anecdotes and asking the right questions so we can really get to know you. From a blank canvas we design a beautiful and one-of-a-kind wedding concept, infused with inspiration and ideas that are tailored to your lifestyle. Everything is considered from the little details to those high-impact, wow-factor elements, to create the most memorable experience for you and your guests. A carefully designed experience, that’s nothing short of breathtaking.

We find the people, products and services that will bring it all to life. Sourcing unique details, finding and briefing the very best suppliers and unearthing those hidden gem ideas. We work tirelessly to find the perfect little touches that bring it all together.


Our modern Consultancy Service enables those couples who really want to plan their own wedding, experienced support, guidance and assistance in securing every service required from selecting the perfect structure to sourcing fine dining catering. No question is a silly question..  

Initial Wedding Consultation 

It's important for us to establish a mutual connecting right from the word go. An initial consultation will ensure I understand your visions as a couple, helping me create a good understanding of what you'd both like to achieve on your wedding day. We will discuss, the location of your wedding, suppliers you may have already secured, the service level and what is currently outstanding. Together we will create a planning timeline and spreadsheet identifying outstanding tasks, and make a simple checklist to move your wedding planning forward. 

Even the most organised individuals need support! How Couples Have Used The Consultancy Service 

You may want to hand over elements you don’t wish to do or are struggling to find the time to complete. Its like having a constant Wedding PA or experienced wedding industry support assistant. Many couples start the planning process then realise an outdoor wedding is time-consuming, compiled of many suppliers, not just the standard photographer and florist. This service is specifically for couples who would prefer to have an experienced eye and knowledgeable guide while planning their wedding. Weekly or monthly catch up meetings where tasks are identified, checkpoints or for many couples several areas of the planning/securement of suppliers is passed to the North East Wedding Planning team to execute. 

This service is for couples who appreciate and understand the value of having the full support of a professional planner onboard. 

Your investment for our Modern Consultancy Service is secured in planning blocks starting from £500. To discuss this service in more detail contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation  


Hexham Winter Garden wedding by North East Wedding Planner Donna Hartley-Redfearn

One Step Ahead

Everyone needs a Donna in their life when planning a wedding, she is unique, hilarious, calming and a walking talking wedding encyclopedia... the wealth of knowledge is unbelievable. 

At every stage of our planning, Donna was one step ahead in her natural flow. 

Our guests absolutely loved her and we could relax and enjoy our special day. 


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