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For us, luxury doesn’t mean opulence or grandeur, it means quality.

 On the day wedding management for outdoor and dry hire venues is unique, it requires a true understanding of not only the suppliers required but essentially how a non-permanent structural event is installed and derigged. With over twenty-five years of experience, I have planned and executed a wide variety of private home marquee weddings, as well as tent and marquee weddings on farmland and country estates all across England. From contemporary clearspan marquees to traditional canvas pole tents, elegant sailcloth Sperry tents, rustic teepee tents, frame marquees, stretch tents and everything in between.

Donna Hartley-Redfearn is one of only a very limited number of wedding planners approved by English Heritage and The National Trust to conduct celebrations within locations of sacred ground or sites deemed of historical interest. Knowing what is located beneath the ground is key to identifying the correct structure cited above. 


 Initial Wedding Consultation 

It's important for us to establish a mutual connection right from the word go. An initial phone or zoom consultation will ensure I understand your vision as a couple and help me obtain a good overview of what you'd both like to achieve on your wedding day. 


Site Management 

From experience visiting the site of your wedding at the earliest stage possible is critical. I prefer to visit the site as soon as your wedding date is secured in our diary. As a time served large build project manager and surveyor I approach a site visit differently than most planners, the main aim of the viewing is to assess the lay of the land identifying any slopes, pitches, drains or undulations that may cause an issue, clarify if the site is deemed sacred ground or if attached to grade 1 or 2 listed building comes with any restrictions. Part of the survey will involve flood risk assessment, fields and agricultural land is often prone to surface water retainment. I will identify access and egress points for supplier vehicles, and check gate widths and height restrictions for heavy goods vehicles/marquee/tipi lorries including tree-lined roads or bridge weight restrictions (More applicable on private estates and very rural locations). Together we will walk the site and view the proposed marquee/structure location from every angle,  clarifying discrete yet suitable workable locations for your site services (Generators, catering tents and bathroom facilities) confirming meeting fire points, running water facilities and onsite storage. 

Dry Hire

A dry hire wedding doesn't necessarily have to be outside - quirky village hall, private estate home and quaint farm barns etc. Simply put, a dry hire wedding venue is where you are provided with only the venue shell (The bricks and mortar) and no additional features so you'll be hiring in all the chairs, cutlery, decor... everything yourself. So where on earth do you begin? This is a blank canvas, so embrace it, in other words, you have the ultimate freedom to create something that screams 'YOU' the limits are endless. I prefer to visit the venue at the earliest date possible, walk the site, view the parking, assess access and egress points for both suppliers and guests, check out the kitchen, bathroom and outdoor facilities. Clarifying the venue has ample power, lighting and space is essential. I always view the venue/site with planner and surveyor eyes taking particular notice of fire extinguishers, fire doors and possible hazards, I know it's not the most glamorous way to view a venue but certainly essential..



Timeline For Suppliers and Wedding Day

 I will create a wedding day schedule  (Or build a schedule if included within your secured service) inclusive of the front of house timeline, back of house preparation, site services plan and site map including supplier site services power requirements and band tech riders, catering requirements, guest dietary requirements, seating plans, (Set up, layout and provision care). The securement of all supplier's onsite public liability documents, and relevant health, and safety certificates. In order to complete this management stage an in-depth meeting is required, we will discuss all suppliers, confirm the service you have secured, additional information required menus, table plans, guests management (Disability, illness or elderly guests), parking, speeches, celebrants, specific images you wish your photographer to capture… the list is huge!


Unlimited Contact 

I’m a huge believer in transparent communication, not only do you get an experienced coordinator (And the team subject to secured service) for the day, but you also have unlimited email and online communication from the handover prior to your wedding day.  

No question or query is too small. 

Main Contact for Suppliers

The week of the wedding is handover week, and NEWP will take the reins of your wedding. Your phone can be turned off and all calls will be directed to us, as the teamwork behind the scenes with your chosen wedding suppliers. 

Wedding Coordination – On Your Wedding Day

NEWP will be the first onsite, to conduct a full walk around checking the power, bathroom facilities, gates, and the land surrounding your wedding area (There’s a vast checklist to complete prior to any suppliers or guests arriving onsite). Each supplier will be booked onto the site to conform to strict health and safety practices and assist with unloading and preparation. Full guest management and quiet supplier management of the day, a senior coordinator will stay until a time that suits you (Pre-agreed), and do everything we can to help with packing away before the end of the day!


Your investment will be reflected by the service required

​We can fully support your wedding day management needs with one planner or a full army of coordinators. The above list of services is for guide purposes only, after twenty-five years in the industry I completely appreciate every wedding is unique and each location bespoke. Therefore the service will be created and tailored to the requirements of each couple and wedding style. 

Fees are reflected by the service required. 


North  East Wedding Planner Donna Hartley-Redearn

Organisation Queen 

"Donna is the organisation queen, her reassuring and calm approach left us feeling confident and safe in her experienced hand. Our guests  adored her and the North East Wedding Planning team"

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