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Donna Hartley-Redfearn 

Hello, I'm Donna, the founder and lead wedding planner at North East Wedding Planners.

If you’re looking for a chilled out, laid back completely unique wedding infused with fabulous food, live music and fire cracking atmosphere– then you are in the right place. 


The way I work is intuitive and experience led. I'm passionate about creating rebellious, romantic and authentic wedding celebrations. My unconventional background in large scale build project management and site surveying blended with a passion for rural landscapes and alternative design brings an edgy approach to planning out of the box weddings.... nothing I create is ordinary... I'm a perfect match for couples who want a professionally planned and executed with experience celebration. 

This care for my work and compassion for my clients has deep roots, that feeling of not quite fitting in or wanting to boldly stand out…..I confess it took me a while to find my happy place where I could be me! That is what I embrace and encourage modern couples to do.... 'Be You Be Free'

Today, I’m proud to use twenty years of knowledge and experience to design for clients all around the world, extremely privileged to have the opportunity to create unique outdoor and non-structural weddings with unparalleled depth, atmosphere and style.

Beliefs & Values

‘Beliefs and values’ This has been a real challenge to really capture the true essence and incomparable approach to planning, managing and co-ordinating a North East Wedding Planner style wedding… but I’m a tenacious soul so here goes...




As an individual who never really ‘Fitted in’ with the norm, I adore collaborating with non-traditional creative couples who dare to be different, who confidently speaks up, stands out, and are proud of who they are. The beauty of this soulful alignment is together we can create a celebration and wedding style that reflects your love story, an experience so personal and emotionally connecting. 




I'm a perfectionist & a tweaker - I don’t design, create or co-ordinate anything I wouldn't be proud or confident to put my name to. Not everything I design is to my taste, everyone is different & I respect that, I also encourage and celebrate it too.. my ethos has always been and will continue to remain, one size does not fit all. 




 Trust and knowledge are two words I hold in high esteem both professionally and personally. Trust is a two-way relationship, a combination of respect and honest communication, I ask all my couples to be open to suggestions and have the confidence to say no as well as yes…. I will never say a direct no to an idea, always give an honest explanation to why it may not work and offer alternative options. Knowledge, with over twenty years of professional planning and project management experience specialising in large scale events and weddings around the world I'm confident in what I can deliver. It’s not a bolshy or blasé attitude it stems from hours of extended study, valuable industry experience, commitment backed by a tenacious northern girl attitude and a deep-rooted passion to deliver exceptional personal service. 

Donna Hartley-Redfearn North East Wedding Planners

Don't ever Change

We gave you a MASSIVE challenge to rescue our wedding in such a short time frame after having to reschedule it four times. After meeting you on that first day, we just knew you understood us and had our back! You have been AMAZING throughout and made our special day possible. You really are the silent sergeant major of weddings. 

Donna, don't ever change, keep being the light of inspiration every couple needs. 


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