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Introducing    Amanda & Carrie

Location         Farmyard, Durham

 Consultancy and On The Day Wedding Co-ordination by the Team


BOOM! That's the feeling that hit me the day I met two madly in love loose cannons, introducing Amanda and Carrie.  Two professionals who knew what they wanted, just not sure how to achieve it and that's basically how the story of "Candystock" the festival started. The initial meeting started off formal and ended in me practically on the floor in fits of laughter, this pair are hilarious...

There's a myth that planning a wedding is stressful and wedding planners come complete with high-heels and clip boards! Ha ha  we work with various clients and this wedding called for wellies, sticky notes yes, the coloured ones (Carrie's addiction) and copious amounts of good coffee. Alternative fun, funky and festival style that was the brief!


Four days before the wedding festival aptly named Candystock, the girls back garden (Ok it was on a farm an more of an oversized field) we started the build. Three days on site we worked with suppliers to bring in tepees to create a festival mini-village complete with children’s bell tents, hog roasts, BBQ's, mixology and beer bars, live music and even a celebrity celebrant (Which the girls had no idea about - surprise). The greatest transformation has to be the barn, Carrie, friends and the north east wedding planning team worked to create the most romantic fairy lit ceremony - honestly it brought tears to everyone’s eyes...


On the day, the heavens opened but that didn’t stop the fun. Smoke bombs, lasers, wacky cocktails and old-style party games, fabulous locally sourced food, open bar and loud very loud live music. If you closed your eyes you would have thought "Festival" the smells (Food) and the party vibe - THIS WEDDING ROCKED.


When the bride is secretly a club DJ and takes to the decks to spin and rock out the tunes...  

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