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Green Wedding Consultancy is the definitive resource/assistance when planning a natural, eco and sustainable wedding. We have been championing eco-friendly wedding suppliers since 2011 initially preferring to collaborate with suppliers who locally source. 

We are passionate about reducing waste, ethical sourcing and it all started way back in  2011 when we implemented a paperless office system. Over the years we have worked closely with environmental specialists, sustainable growers and collaborated with other specialists to reduce waste, recycle and source locally where possible to create an amazing network of 'Green Wedding' specialists.

We are extremely proud to launch the northeast's very first 'Green Wedding' Consultancy service, the service is designed to connect engaged couples with a range of beautiful artisan suppliers who genuinely care about their impact on the environment. With an ethos that celebrates 'locally sourced', we provide step by step assistance on reducing your wedding carbon footprint,  green gifting and kicking plastic to the kerb. This service gives you the tools to create the most amazing wedding without placing unnecessary strain on the natural world.

Your investment in Green Wedding Consultancy Service is charged at our standard hourly rate £85 per hour, secured in blocks of five or ten hours. The Service Fee is paid in full prior to work commencing. To discuss this service in more detail contact us to arrange a complimentary 30-minute consultation 

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